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Hello support people there!
I set up the maximum of 5 ads an hour but the case is that none of them are shown to me to pick up any BAT at all… This situation is going on day after day and I am experimenting a certain “stop” on the app performance. I say so because I won only 0.4 bat and since then the brave rewards pannel says: No activities yet… and does not move from 0 (zero BAT) Can you help me to know how to solve this? thanks a lot!

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As you browse and the algorithm learns what Ads are appropriate for you, you’ll begin to see more. Additionally, your BAT will only be paid out to your wallet (from Ads) on the 5th of every month.

Thanks for the answer. I need you to check if my status on brave is “active”. Besides this, I went to Windows10 configuration and entered in SYSTEM → NOTIFICATIONS AND ACTIONS, in order to ACTIVATE Brave notifications but BRAVE did not show itself there. How can it be if BRAVE is already installed on my PC ?

This is actually a common issue we’ve been seeing – there are a few ways that users have worked around the issue by forcing notifications through the browser, which subsequently adds Brave to that list (weird, right?)?

Try going to and forcing a desktop notification. Afterwards, see if Ads begin to appear and/or if the browser is now listed in the Notifications & Actions list.

Had the same problem while installing Brave for my family & co-workers. Brave didn’t appear in the notification of Windows settings.
Forcing it through didn’t help either, so my third option of solving this issue is - brave://flags/ -> Enable Native Notifications - try to play with Enable & Disable selection, It helped me with a few cases already.
Hope this helps.

I am having the same issue as I am not seeing many ads and I clicked on the html thing stated above but still no luck can someone help me what do i need to do to see ads

I am in the same situation using Windows 10. i tried everything described here and sometimes work and sometimes not. Are you working to solve this?

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