Nighty Build Release Notes

Where do l find the release notes on each nighly build, or find out what has changed with each nighty build.

Thank you.

There are no release notes for the Nightly builds, you have to follow the specific Nightly milestone.

What I can’t tell is how each merged pull request is being introduced in the Nightly builds. I think it depends when the merge of the pull request happened, let’s say a pull request was merged before X hour, I think that means the upcoming Nightly build will have the merged feature (pull request) available, otherwise the feature will be introduced with the next Nightly build. @Mattches could you please check whether I’m in the right direction about it, I’m not entirely sure?

I believe that is an accurate description. Either way, the link you’re sharing here is the best place to view all fixes/changes going into Nightly, as it is impractical to have release notes for all browser builds at this time.

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