Nightly version rewards issue

I already contacted Terry Mancey and this is what he told me

What he means, is that it is not a Bug/error/issue of the Nightly version.
It is a restriction on the Brave Browser.

And soon they will apply it to the Beta version.

I thought…Time to Uninstall


Strange since support center replied to me several times trying to figure this out, they should simply tell me there’s no problem and this is it from now. Btw, in the end we should expect this behavior even on stable release?

I do not have a problem with this policy. Really, the stable version is my main. I do have Beta and Nightly installed. I usually only open Beta and/or Nightly when troubleshooting or to check out new features.

I have left both of them open for most of the day today because of the post linked below (not that I think it applies to me specifically but what the heck lol) but that is extremely unusual for me. And I will be leaving them open on the first of each month too from now on! :smiley:

Remember nightly features tends to be implemented in Stable after a while.

Yes, I knew this, but if I am really excited about a feature that is coming, l will go see how it works in Beta and/or Nightly. Like when they finally pushed custom background images to Nightly. Jumped on that one. I hated that “jellyfish” background and it was the one that always displayed when opening the browser. Maybe still does? Ugh. lol

Edit: ooooh, that one went right over my head! and EEK! I just assumed (hmmm lol) that Brave was just limiting Beta and Nightly. But you are saying they may put more restrictions on stable too once the versions roll to stable.

The posts below are actually reflective of my outlook. :smiley:

Usually ads are synchronized with your catalog no matter version you use it, but if this is a new feature (to be implemented in beta and stable) it will only discourage users to updating to keep NTP rewards, since old versions act differently. I keep thinking it’s a bug that causes the issue, at least until contrary proof.

I think the restrictions will come to all versions sooner or later.

I also use the Release version as the main browser

But it was nice to earn some BAT while watching what’s new on Nightly. Finish

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Maybe. I don’t know. With all the fixes they are having to do for payout issues it may not be so simple… If you accrue rewards in an older version, then have a payout issue, you would switch to new version for payout, then switch back to old? How would that work if can’t get an accurate payout in another version?

And then there are the timing issues between reconciliation and payouts. Might be a nightmare to manage even if you are so inclined (I’m not lol). Maybe could rotate months, like 2 months on old and one month on new to get the backlogged payouts or something. Sheesh.

Then add the security updates you will be missing… and fixes for other issues… and new features… Ack. Not for me. I think I’ll just keep updating the browser and accept that I will be earning less rewards. :laughing:

I guess the next couple of months will tell the tale since Brave is usually reticent with this type information. :wink:

Edit: Thought of something else… what if Brave flags your account if you have an unreasonably outdated version installed? I can actually see this happening. You will stop receiving ads/earnings and the first thing they are going to say is to update to the latest version to get the flag removed. lol At some point if this is continually happening, they may even suspend/ban your account. Ouch.

yikes, time to change firefox

brave s*ck anyway

Should I flex too, Nah. :grin:

Lol. Hang in there if you can. And Brave might work for user-considerations if a lot aren’t happy. We may see some tweaks still.

It serves a purpose and that’s why it has been built. We should eventually see it landing in stable release. And I hope there would be a heads-up or announcement before it gets there, otherwise we would see some cry-out-loud.

You won’t need to going forward, just for some time this month. And I think, if not all most of the rolled-over balances would have been reconciled by now for most users. They just know it yet and will see that next month. Although there could be some exceptions.

Probably don’t need to. Ads reconciled only till last month (last minute) make the payout this month.

Lol. Not recommended. It can lead to data loss and can even corrupt your Brave Rewards especially with old versions. Plus security issues you mentioned.

There could be issues in getting Ads with previous versions, especially very old ones but I don’t think they will get flagged.

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@Aman_M Thanks for input. :smiley: I was just just throwing random ideas out. It was nice to get some feedback and some useful information!

Good point. Hope Brave does post something “official”. I think a lot of frustration and bashing could be avoided if there was more communication. Users would not be happy but they would be informed which makes a huge difference in my opinion. Sort of like the difference between being punched in the gut out of the blue and being told your gonna have a gut punch, nothing you can do about it, and being resigned it is coming. Still gonna hurt but at least you knew it was coming. :wink:

Oh. OK. Good! Totally misunderstood that one. :smiley:

Hmmmm. I could see this one going either way. Of course we will probably never know since Brave doesn’t tell you why your account was flagged! Would be interesting to get some background on the flagging process just for enlightenment but I totally understand why Brave doesn’t provide this type of information.


Totally. Couldn’t agree more. Love that analogy too. :smile:


@miho171 @cmam @g00z @Aman_M :grinning:


I still think we miss something… even after an official announce, things don’t fit. Yeah, ads vary by country, OS, we know it. Now maybe even by type of Brave installed, ok, since Nightly it’s the most experimental release, features will appear there, before come in Beta and then in Stable. But I can’t earn rewards by an old ad campaign, or an expired one, system doesn’t allow me; even with an outdated version I still receive token only from the ads active today, and when NTP of a campaign are maxed out every browser stop showing them, proving the entire reward feature is syncronized. So my entire point is, why an old version let me earn?

First, I have no clue. I am not tech savvy, I do not know programming, or anything even remotely technical about hardware/software development. I am just going to provide my uneducated thoughts. Probably totally wrong, but going to put it out there anyway. :laughing:

The programming implemented for caps is probably not in the older versions (yet) and that is why the older version is working as before. I think Brave will probably do “something” to prevent this workaround at some point. Or else, over time, the older version will not be able to work with Rewards at all.

Just my thoughts. If I misunderstood (very probable lol). Let me know. Hopefully someone with a better understanding of software development and version releases will give their thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not a program development neither, but I like tech things and knowing how they work. I don’t have problem if this behaviour it’s a Brave team decision, just pointing at the fact that we have sent the problem to the help center a couple of weeks ago by now, first they tried to understand it, then tried to fix it, now it’s just as suppose to be.


Browser, irrespective of its version, regularly fetches new Ad-catalog. And this generally happens several times a day.

If you mean new NTP caps then yes, every new feature is applied prospectively not retrospectively.

And in my opinion, new browser-side NTP cap looks a bit harsh, from 20/day to 1/day for one Ad campaign. Especially for NTP Ad campaigns that run for a day and shows cap at max 10.

If frequency cap, browser-side, is 1/day then practically max cap is 1/day (as almost all NTP campaigns run for a day). Could’ve been made like 10 or 5/day or 1 per 2-3 hour so that max 10 for campaign duration as per sampson site is still honoured. :grin:

I’m assuming max 10 for an NTP campaign (running for a day) on sampson site is agreed by advertiser and Brave for the duration of campaign. So power users can be allowed to reach there. Tagging @tmancey for an opinion.

Not the answer to my question, make me clear: why an old version let me earn what a new one doesn’t if it’s the same catalog? Rewards system shouldn’t be server side handled?

@miho171 Brave Ads are private because their serving is handled by the browser without sending you data to an outside server. For a server to serve an Ad, your personal data must go to the server, processed and then the right ad for you will be served.

But in Brave, your personal data doesn’t leave your device. And browser itself serves the Ad for you. It just fetches some data like what Ads are available, run time, BAT per Ad etc. from Ads-server that’s all.

Wow. I don’t get 20 ads/day combined (NTP, inline, push) much less 20 NTP ads/day! Sheesh. And I thought my BAT rewards were pretty good… guess not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it 1/day or 1/day per campaign or some combination? Anything else involved, like country of origin? :wink: How would you even figure that one out even if you wanted to… I don’t care, so really just throwing other things out there that might impact that number. :laughing:

Really, to be honest, if you are routinely getting 20 NTP ads/day then you are just milking the system in my opinion. However, even saying that 1/day does seem harsh. I wonder what time the “day” restarts?

per other thread, I think that is for push notifications… does catalog viewer conflict with that information?