Nightly version rewards issue

same here. Till today morning i was getting ads. then in the afternoon ads and notification ads both are not coming on nightly version. @steeven @Mattches @Saoiray . can u solve this please.

Ads frequency is expected to fluctuate and having a single day or two without ads doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Please read the following article for more information on how ads work:

Hi @Mattches, I often noticed ads behavior changes and never concern me too much, cause having different browsers in different devices can make me understand better the situation, but this time the issue it’s only in the Nightly(s) version, Win10 and Android 11. Maybe it’s nothing and will pass in a day or two, but the one in my brother’s phone - same region, but outdated of a week since he doesn’t have auto updates on - it is not affected.

Btw, the article about causes of not seeing ads is useful, but not in this case. I have my browsers setted as always, the one in my phone is one year old, in pc about 4 months, nothing ever changed from the beginning. I can reasonably say it’s not by me, cause the issue presented the same day at the moment of the update in 2 devices totally unrelated (no sync, no wallet linking), both in the Nightly. And the strangest thing is the lack of the background page: when this happened before it was in all the versions of Brave, due to the regional catalog. There are ads campaign divided per OS, but not for Brave version.

Day 2: couple updates went today, none fixed the issue (as of now someone should have noticed), planning to do a downgrade, backup in Windows and adb debug in android.

Same issue here

This is only happening in the Nightly versions
Other versions are working normally with the sponsored images

The issue is at recent Nightly versions

On Windows 11
I just uninstalled ver v1.42.18
And I installed ver 1.41.61

And tabs with sponsored ads started working again

I will do the tests on Android

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From the behavior it was obviously a non flagged issue, thanks for proving. Don’t have my pc here these days, I’ll try to do it tomorrow, for android version need adb debug mode to not loose the balance.

Was contacted by the support, after filled the form yesterday, hope they fix in next updates.

I reinstalled version 1.42.1, it still works fine.

I also did that and it works, thank you !
But how can you prevent Brave to update itself automatically ?

You have to disable brave update (and updatem) from services.

New update out now, issue still persists.

What number version?

Nightly 1.42.29 android, updated to see if something changed, sadly not.


I See

I still use 1.41.61

I will not update while this error persists

@miho171 Just to clarify, you’re saying that you’re using Nightly and not seeing any ads? Like nothing at all?

Yes, from an update of 4 days ago. Issue it affects both Windows 10 and Android 11, and by now many users say the same. I backupped my pc userdata, downgraded Nightly to an older version and it works again, but it’s pretty impossible to do the same in the smartphone, so I keep updating until they fix it, or the payment day.

@Saoiray I can assure you it’s not a flagging situation, it’s something in the latest updates that cause the problem.

From what I know flag doesn’t cause lack of sponsored image, only happens when aren’t available in the catalog, not the case.