Nightly version rewards issue

Well, that was the hope. I had brought it to the attention of Jimmy Secretan from Brave who got a team together and was working on fixing it. The hopes was it would be patched. It sounds like you’re saying a change was made, but now if you’re not seeing things…guess we’ll have to see if @cmam, @Aman_M , and others who mentioned this as a problem say if they notice any changes. If not, might have to reach back out to Brave again.

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Hi @Saoiray

I am still working on version 1.41.61 until Support informs us that it has been solved

These days I keep updating Nightly every time is available, and test if changes are made. I received several emails from support center after compiled the help form, it means they really put effort to fix the problem and they listen the base users. Above the rewards, this is a great community, probably the best in the crypto environment.

@Saoiray, if I understood you correctly, please notice that these flags are not about seeing Ads, but simply changing its style to System Native or Brave types.

This Nightly issue was already spotted.

Not sure if it is Live though…

I’m not going to even begin to pretend I know the difference. All I know is in the past there were people who weren’t seeing ads and they were advised to Enable Custom Push Notifications and it solved it for them. So I’ve known it to be a potential resolution.

It’s possible that it’s a bit outdated now, but I believe there’s been positive feedback on enabling options not too long ago. I try my dardnest to watch what people say helps and attempt to comprehend basics, but that’s about all I do. Basically I try to do simple triage and regurgitate solutions that have worked for others. That tends to at least offer more information for those who do know what they are doing to be able to step in rather than coming in with an empty slate.

The same thing happens to me, I updated and now I can receive push ads and news but not sponsored images.

@Aman_M Since others seem to be saying perhaps still ongoing issue, can you advise if is still a problem for you?

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@Saoiray Yeah. It’s fixed for me. The last GitHub issue linked by g00z landed in v1.42.43 recently-

So Nightly will have to be updated to that version. It’s fixed for me both in Windows 10 & Android 11. And miho171 has spotted it.

One more thing, some changes have been made to how NTP Ads are served. I could be wrong, and too early to say, but they are not served on every 4th NTP but are decided by the browser, just like notification Ads. Amaging :astonished:

Well, that’s what I wasn’t seeing. Looked like Miho171 said they had started seeing things but then it reverted, they stopped seeing.

It’s working for me. Behaviour of NTP Ads is changed that’s all so anyone can get confused that it’s not working as you won’t see it on every 4th NTP and it’s intended. It has been in the works for some time.

Unless they changed NTP behaviour only for Nightly it still doesn’t work properly.

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Every new feature lands in Nightly first.

So “no more sponsored images” should be a new feature?
Seriously, I think they’re trying to fix it, and after last update they’re close to an end, but by now the issue isn’t ultimated.

This worked for me. When I updated to Nightly 1.42.43, I received NTP sponsored image but no notifications. I Reset all in brave://flags, relaunched, and started receiving notifications. I did not reenable any of the flags I had previously set (including push notifications) except the “news peek” one. For anyone still not receiving ads, might try this especially if you have changed brave://flags default settings.

Do you see NTP now (even if not rewarded)?

I see NTP and notifications (after resetting flags). I haven’t seen any inline ads but that is not uncommon for me. Don’t know why I rarely get inline ads but doesn’t bother me so I don’t worry about it. lol

Oh, thought I should add on win10 desktop.

Edit: I am receiving earnings for both the NTP ads and the notifications.

@Chocoholic, I’m just curious, are you getting NTP Ads on every 4th NTP?

@miho171 You could be right but I would still give it some more time.

No. But I wasn’t getting that before. I think my situation is probably not normal though. I live in fly over country and my state isn’t even listed in the transparency report. I think my ad delivery is probably not typical for, or representative of, the more populated states/cities.