Nightly deb package lags behind git head by several days

I see that no deb updates have occurred in several days, although several new versions were tagged on the git master branch.

Checking manually the package repo:

curl | grep Version | sort -V | tail
Version: 1.25.25
Version: 1.25.28
Version: 1.25.33
Version: 1.25.39
Version: 1.25.42
Version: 1.25.46
Version: 1.26.3
Version: 1.26.6
Version: 1.26.7
Version: 1.26.11

The newest package is 1.26.11.

This is 6 versions behind github: is at 1.26.17

Could you please explain why is that? Is it by mistake, or is it the case that the git HEAD is not good enough to release a new deb package?

1.26.11 is actually the latest public version we have published. You can see the full list of builds that we make on (including Linux packages), but we only publish to the update servers when the codebase is healthy on all platforms.

Right now, there is a Mac issue that is preventing us from shipping a build on that platform and so we’re waiting on that to be resolved before we publish a new Nightly.

Makes sense, thanks.