Nightly Build Version 1.55.88 is still crashing on Android 12+

Issues with nightly, the last 4 updates on the nightly are crashing on startup.

Open browser
Home page including navigation buttons etc show
No response

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I’m also experiencing this issue. No update has fixed it yet.

How the hell you got an address bar like that are you on tablet or you just changed the layout ? If so how did you do that which flag did you enabled please share.

I had to completely uninstall and reinstall it. Clear cache data, uninstall and reinstall…

Lost all my bookmarks, and data.

Lucky I had my settings ,flags set, on screenshot to I can go back and set everything back up.:roll_eyes:

Pixel 7 Pro

How did you get the layout with address bar at top with back and forward button on android version ?

Did you changed the dpi of your device ?

Yes, 3 flags and a DPI change

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