Night/Dark Mode


Definitely needs a dark mode in order for me to give it a real chance. adding the feature via Extension could be fine but it would likely leave the top super bright white of the top address and tab bar so I think we would also need a color options tab in the settings even if its just a light/dark mode toggle.

I’ve included a screenshot of how it looks when I use the TLV night mode extension in chrome/vivaldi along with its options panel. Similar options for darkening web pages would great and I’d love it if it was a baked-in feature of the browser (provided it works well of course)

Anyways, that’s my two cents. Let me know if its being worked on or if you agree :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. we’re tracking it here:

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Cool, I’ll be sure to check back in on it later :slight_smile:


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Though it is still far for the theme from being implemented, we are gradually moving forward.

If you are a developer / UI designer, please have a look at the project on GitHub to see what you could do (designing with a theme by modifying the file, implementing a dialog to switch the themes, etc…)

Since the team is yet to focus on the dark UI (as far as I know), any contribution is appreciated :slight_smile: I would have to say +1 on Issue: Add Dark UI on GitHub would not work well as you might think.

I’ll keep you updated on this topic.

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Hi there,

Since the last post I have kept submitting Push Requests to enhance theme.js, and recently the fix around the tabs bar was merged successfully. With the other Requests I have already committed modification of switches, menu bar, context menu, download bar, etc.

If you want to see them merged soon, please go to the project page and add +1 to the issues. Thanks!