Niche Feature: New Tab History Inheritance

The following is probably a weird feature that most users would not need.

Currently when a new tab is spawned by right-clicking on a link and selecting “Open link in new tab” the back button is disabled. The feature suggested here would have the back button use the history of the tab it spawned from.

Imagine the following scenario:

You searched something.
The search results are on website S in a tab (Tab I). The search results link to a website A.
You follow the link and you start reading. The website A contains an interesting link to a website B. However, you want to finish reading on website A. Therefore, you decide to open this link in a new tab (Tab II). Once you finish reading on website A you close the tab (Tab I) because you think you no longer need it.

You now view website B in Tab II. Once you are finished reading on website B, you either want to go back to the search results on website S or you want to look at website A again to check something. Currently, your only option is to click on the hamburger menu, select “History” to then open the recently closed tab. (Three cumbersome steps to bring back Tab I).

I want to use the back button in Tab II to move back to website A and by pressing it again to website S.

In the scenario Tab II would “inherit” the browsing history of Tab I, because it was spawned by opening a link in Tab I. Tabs that are created using the plus icon would not inherit browsing history.

Currently, all new Tabs have their back button disabled. This feature would reduce the number of times when the back button does nothing.

I do not think this feature is particularly useful to many people, because their way of browsing might be different. (Some people just never close tabs), I just want to see whether there are any people who would use such a feature.