NHL.com is not compatible

Site NHL.com dont work after update…

Hello. Check the shields part of the browser. I turned shields off and nhl.com showed no problem. Once you get it to display, slowly start turning on the advanced options of the browser.

Yes, with off shield page work without problem, but this not solve the problem… Before nhl work with shield on.

Seriously though, with the money the NHL could probably put into a website, this is garbage. I have to scroll for 5 minutes on the scores page, just to see the scores of all of the games. NHL.com has been the same for so long, I understand that a face lift may have been in order, but fuck me sideways, this isn’t usable.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good site for scores, recaps and highlights? I think I’ll take off of my start up pages.

Akinator Xender Kik

The issue is specifically with ads/tracking. Seems like it’s trying to pull some data from another resource that’s being blocked by Brave. If you want, the workaround would be to Allow Ads and Tracking.