NHL.com does not play videos for me at all. I've tried everything

@fanboynz That works perfectly even with my VPN active or disabled. …So there has to be some old file or a bit of data that it’s hanging up on I’m guessing. I’m going to try to remove all my temporary files from my PC and completely uninstall brave and try another fresh install and see if that helps any.

Could just remove/backup the old Brave profile in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware, and re-launch brave release. That should do.

Thanks @fanboynz and @Mattches for all the help. I’m still not sure what was the issue but it’s resolved. I completed a fresh install after wiping all my temporary files and the site is now working as it should. I’ve re-enabled all extensions and imported all my bookmarks everything’s normal. Thanks guys.