Next Payout will have roll-over problem again. Response public key Error

I have been observating my browser’s reconciliation process for the last weeks and this particular Error got me worried:

Response public key ... does not exist in payments issuer public keys

From what I have understand, unless there is a last minute intervention from brave, this is going to be the main cause for the next payout roll-over problem. Again.

Updates have alleviated the payment tokens are not ready issue, but not this one.

The problem is, when the browser faces this error repeatedly, it tends to back-off the redeeming process “exponentially”. Sometimes it even delays the process for hours, preventing “health” recent ads from being redeeming (recent ads go the end of the line).

[Jul 25, 2022, 3:54:37.0] Retry sending failed confirmations in 3 hours, 56 minutes, 57 seconds at 19:51:34.037

So if your device has a large failed confirmations queue, it’s virtually impossible to redeem ads in time with this pace. It’s a vicious cycle.

On top of that, they even advised us to leave the browser running for long periods, but I think it only makes the problem worse due to that expontential back-off (“ideal” scenario would be several runnings, maybe).

It’s a real bummer brave team is not openly talking about it with us, unless there is a last minute intervention, which I haven’t heard of.

I’m really hoping it will be resolved, we just need more clarification on this matter.

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If a lot of users are experiencing this then likely, yes. But unfortunately scale of the problem will be known next month.

Good observation.

It is for the missing public key. Although retry time resets when an ad is delivered.

Brave really needs to find a way convey more information but at the same time protect the information that is prone to misuse.

But I would still give Brave some room. After all they are trying to create & perfect a system that has never been built before- A private Rewards Payout mechanism for 10 million+ (opt-in) users and growing.

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But as I was observating it’s quite easy to reach one hour or so with consecutives errors, and one hour means dozens of failed_confirmations not redeemed. :sweat_smile:

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