News that is 5-10 years old is showing up in your news feed, mostly from CBS in video format

Description of the Issue

News items that are 5 to 10 years out of date are showing up in the news feed as current news. It appears to just be CBS video feed.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue

Scroll down the Brave browser page for news and you get OLD news in with what should be current news.

Actual Result

Misleading and terrible news events from the past are showing up as current.

Expected Result

New and current news feed

Reproduces how frequently?

April 4 and again April 5 2021

Operating System

Windows 10 Version 2004

Hi @ScottMonteith, another user reported on this several weeks ago, and it seems like it’s a CBS issue…

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The flaw makes the Today feature inadequate as a reliable news source. It even includes a time stamp that says that the news item is current. From the content of the numerous articles appearing from CBS they contain keywords for current trends to make it appear as relevant news.

On my laptop I will go into “Edit Cards” on my Brave browser and then “Brave Today” to show the sources. In “Top News” I will find CBS and get rid of this manipulation of the news feed.

Yes, it’s good to take the time to customise one’s Brave Today. :slight_smile: