News Layout Adjustment

TLDR; The News section needs more layouts, or someway to change the size of the news article (feed) boxes to something smaller.

The current only option is, as you know, one column down the middle of the screen. If you’re using a large monitor with high resolution, it looks rather oversized and silly. I don’t need a news article RSS feed image to be MASSIVE either.

Personally, I’d enjoy something that looks like it was better suited for a windows-browsing experience. The current feels suited to something tablet sized or smaller, and then blown out of proportion as a result. (The giant gaps/empty areas to the side of the oversized news article images are obnoxious, too). IIRC Opera News on their home page has something kinda like this - I forget exactly.

Sometimes there are two articles shrunk into (I guess for lack of better term) sub-columns. That is looking better at that size, but just more of them. Like… 5-10 of them, not 2. That would look better and get rid of the giant ugly blank areas to the sides of the articles.