Newly created bookmark folders not available for placing bookmarks into


Name Version
Brave 0.19.88
rev c29eca6
Muon 4.5.15
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.89
V8 6.2.414.40
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform macOS
OS Release 16.7.0
OS Architecture x64

I opened up the Bookmarks manager, and created a new folder called “Entertainment”. Then another folder inside that called “Games”. Then I went to bookmark a tab I already had opened, and my newly created folders do not appear in the list, so I can’t put the bookmark where it should go (inside Games). Not sure if this is a bug or what…


Hi @scoiner,

I’m not able to reproduce your issue on my Window machine with same Brave version.

  • Open in new tab.
  • Open bookmark manager using Ctrl+Shift+O or 3-strips menu > Bookmakrs > Bookmarks...
  • Create folder called Entertainment by clicking Add folder icon and choose Bookmark Toolbar from the dropdown.
  • Create folder called Games by clicking Add folder icon and choose Entertainment from the dropdown — it’s created Games subfolder under/inside Entertainment folder.
  • Back to my open tab. And bookmarked tab using Ctrl+D or Star icon in URL bar.
  • Both Entertainment and Enterntainment/Games is on my dropdown list.

Is there any steps that I missed?

Also, in which folder parent your created folders listed in Bookmark Manager? Is it under Bookmark Toolbar or Other Bookmarks?


That sounds like the correct series of steps. My folders were created under Bookmark Toolbar. In fact, I was unable to create them under Other Bookmarks, which is where I originally felt they should go.

Maybe this is a Mac only issue? Can anyone else try this and confirm/deny?


Thanks for the confirmation @scoiner .

Will also ccing @LaurenWags for this. :slight_smile:


I saw the same thing just a couple days ago. The only way I could work around it was to place the new folder inside the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder. I also tried placing it inside the “Other Bookmarks” folder, but that didn’t work (allowed me to create the folder, but not to save bookmarks to it). I’m using MacOS 10.12.4.


Hi @scoiner @mviesel,

I’m just checking. Did you still face this issue in the latest stable release (0.19.105)?



I tried that version just now and it still only lets me put bookmarks in the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder. Other top-level folders don’t show up in the pull-down list.


I am having the same problem. I am using:

Brave: 0.19.117
rev: 90a5b2277908b475baf195eb083147621facb35b
Muon: 4.5.26
libchromiumcontent: 63.0.3239.84
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 10.0.16299
OS Architecture: x64

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