Newest update keeps crashing & restarting computer

Version 1.31.88 keeps crashing. Not just the browser, sometimes it forces my whole computer to randomly restart. Using a 2012 Mac Mini w/ mac os 10.13.6; yes, it’s old, but it’s what I have & everything was working fine until this update.

Is there any way to download an earlier version and shut off automatic updates? I’ve done that in the past, but yesterday I tried installing an earlier version and received the most recent one instead.

Details from most recent report below; it went on in much greater detail this time, but I didn’t know how helpful it would be to show everything:

Date/Time: 2021-11-05 08:18:00 -0700
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (Build 17G66)
Architecture: x86_64
Report Version: 26

Data Source: Stackshots

Command: Brave Browser
Path: /Applications/Brave Browser
Identifier: com.brave.Browser
Version: (131.88)
Parent: launchd [1]
PID: 329

Event: hang
Duration: 3.01s (process was unresponsive for 68 seconds before sampling)
Steps: 31 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model: Macmini6,1
Active cpus: 4

Time Awake Since Boot: 910s

Fan speed: 1799 rpm

Thank you for this information. When you try opening the browser, does it crash immediately or does it stay open for some time before crashing?

It almost seems to be at random. This morning, it crashed twice before I could even post my comment on the discussion board, once while trying to read a feed reader site (forced a computer restart) and the second time while trying to make my comment here, when I went to paste the report from the earlier crash. Since then, it has seemed fine; I’m using it now. If it happens again I’ll post the whole report that I see.

Okay, so it has been working mostly pretty well since my last post. I uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday morning because every page turned into an “Aw, snap,” but after that it was fine. Just now crashed again. Full report is too big for the comment box, but hopefully this helps:

Process: Brave Browser [32328]
Path: /Applications/Brave Browser
Identifier: com.brave.Browser
Version: (131.88)
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: Brave Browser [32328]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2021-11-10 07:38:27.869 -0800
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G66)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: 77949CF6-3BE0-01F1-DC0F-60F3447E61F9

Sleep/Wake UUID: 6168B906-52AE-4B2A-8D6F-37EA22C2966C

Time Awake Since Boot: 230000 seconds
Time Since Wake: 1100 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 CrBrowserMain Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00007fca78b1db50

VM Regions Near 0x7fca78b1db50:
MALLOC_TINY 00007fca5a200000-00007fca5ae00000 [ 12.0M] rw-/rwx SM=PRV

STACK GUARD 00007ffee1d94000-00007ffee5594000 [ 56.0M] —/rwx SM=NUL stack guard for thread 0

Thread 0 Crashed:: CrBrowserMain Dispatch queue:
0 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x000000011623444b uhash_compareUnicodeString_69 + 6342315
1 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116234329 uhash_compareUnicodeString_69 + 6342025
2 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116dc3f46 dav1d_default_picture_release + 2542966
3 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116dccb8f dav1d_default_picture_release + 2578879
4 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116dcc691 dav1d_default_picture_release + 2577601
5 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116dc80d3 dav1d_default_picture_release + 2559747
6 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000116dc9bae dav1d_default_picture_release + 2566622
7 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000117c89820 dav1d_default_picture_release + 18032208
8 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000112606794 cdef_copy_rect8_16bit_to_16bit_sse4_1 + 6085172
9 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a520d0 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1720224
10 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a56119 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1736681
11 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a5341d base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1725165
12 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a59ca1 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1751921
13 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a5945f base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1749807
14 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a56119 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1736681
15 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a4f404 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1708756
16 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a4fb97 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1710695
17 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115a6b02e base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 1822462
18 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x00000001173a6029 dav1d_default_picture_release + 8711769
19 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x000000011585deb3 __gxx_personality_v0 + 5550179
20 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115871018 __gxx_personality_v0 + 5628360
21 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x0000000115870d5b __gxx_personality_v0 + 5627659
22 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x00000001158713c2 __gxx_personality_v0 + 5629298
23 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x00000001158b3873 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 22339
24 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x00000001158ae152 base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 34
25 com.brave.Browser.framework 0x00000001158b328f base::mac::CxxPersonalityRoutine(int, _Unwind_Action, unsigned long long, _Unwind_Exception*, _Unwind_Context*) + 20831
27 0x00007fff3b86060c __CFRunLoopDoSource0 + 108
28 0x00007fff3b78bce0 __CFRunLoopDoSources0 + 208
29 0x00007fff3b78b15d __CFRunLoopRun + 1293
30 0x00007fff3b78a9b7 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 487
31 0x00007fff3aa6ad96 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 286
32 0x00007fff3aa6ab06 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 613
33 0x00007fff3aa6a884 _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter + 64
34 0x00007fff38d1ba73 _DPSNextEvent + 2085
35 0x00007fff394b1e34 -[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 3044

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