Newbie webtorrent questions

Questions about webtorrent from a newbie;

I was not paying attention and pressed download through webtorrent instead of just downloading the torrent file to my pc. After I found out, I closed the browser in the hopes of stopping the proces. My questions now;

  • Does the browser still upload the torrent after I close the browser?
  • If yes, how do I stop it? If not, does it resume uploading after I start the browser again?
  • I found out that i can disable webtorrent. Does disabling it also cancel any torrenting that was going on already or does it pause it untill I enable it again?

Answers are highly appreciated!

Thanks for reaching out!

Nope! Webtorrent downloads and runs torrent files/content in memory (RAM). Once you close the browser or the webtorrent tab, that memory is cleared. So no, once the browser is closed, the torrent will not continue to upload/seed.

Yes, disabling webtorrent will erase any progress/content downloading currently for the same reasons as described above.

Hope this helps!

It sure does help. Thank you very much!

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You’re very welcome. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.