Newbie wants simple start


Thanks for the browser. Is there a pinned article or a Readme for turning on the features for this browser? So far I love the ad blocking. Smoothest browsing I have ever done. My main sites are Drudgereport, Breitbart, and fox news. Depending on what I click I go to different websites. I support Adverts in articles I want to read, but I really hate floating pop overs of any kind, especially reminding me to turn off ad blocking. If I see an imbedded ad it’s ok, but floating , Gaaaa. I would like to help the community as a user of this product, but my coding days are way behind me. Thanks for your hard work. Please make a easy to use browsing and pay me for reading your site instructions. Thanks


Hi Matt,

There is an End User FAQ to help you to start with brave. I think it’s good enough for a new user.

Thank you :slight_smile:


“I would like to help the community as a user of this product, …”

One of the things I started doing to help out is to file github issue tickets to report bugs. I don’t know if you’ve helped out other projects in that way but in case you haven’t I’d recommend you read a dozen or so closed issues to get a sense of what kind of info programmers expect in order to be able to reproduce a bug and fix it. Also very important is to check that a bug you’re about to report hasn’t already been reported since duplicates add clutter and end up spreading information about the bug over several tickets. Better option in that circumstance is to add new information to the existing ticket.

If you’re so inclined then you could also do what I’ve been doing which is to spend 5min skimming over all of the recently updated tickets at the same time as I skim over news headlines in the morning.

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