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I am trying to open a pdf file from my stock trading account. On my trading website I click the ‘statements’ tab. My account number comes up with a ‘Go’ button. When I hit the Go button it says, “The Account Statement will appear in a new window.” However, the new window does not open in Brave. In Firefox, I get a new window that says Secure Mail in the upper left side. The file with the statements ends in SecureMailBox.aspx. In this box I can open my statements in a pdf file format. I tried this in Brave with ‘Shields Down’ and still could not get the new window. I have Windows 7 Professional -
64 bit. Thanks for the help.


Hi @jeromevite

Is this still occurring for you? If so, is this occurring on any other sites where we could try to reproduce?



Hi Lauren,
Yes, it is still not opening a new window. I go back to Foxfire to get my statements. I have not experienced this with any other website/file on Brave. My Options House trading account is the only web site that I have experienced the SecureMailBox popup.


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