New Version Release Date


I was just wondering what the official release date will be for Brave? I heard that the official release will be in early November, but I haven’t seen anything official. I love using Brave, but I still can’t log in to my email account (Fastmail) due to various bugs in the system, and I still have trouble viewing certain video files (mostly flash). I’m hoping this will be fixed in the new version as a top priority.


You can see our release calendar here:

What version of Brave are you currently using? The latest live release has no issue logging into Fastmail, at least on my end

Tested using Brave Beta (v0.56.6) and Release Channel build (v0.55.20) on macOS.


I am using the current version .55.20 … and I’m still not able to log in to Fastmail. I disabled the shield and it still doesn’t work. This has been an issue for me since I started using this browser.