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Why does it present itself as chrome and not brave? (would there be any way to randomly draw an Internet agent?
How do I disable the transparency of web browser tabs?
(Many times the address is indicated by the mouse, or the refresh button and I accidentally press it on the tab or several tabs and then a disco is made.)
How do I set the bookmark to be left in the bar and not in a separate tab?
Where do I save Youtube and other media videos in my computer’s memory and how do I retrieve them?


Hi @nenene,

It’s because, atm, Brave use Chrome UA so sites will think you’re using Chrome.

Do you mean preview tab on hover? It’s on Preferences > Tabs. Or something else?

Currently, there’s no way to have bookmarks in sidebar. Bookmarks manager will open in new tab. And bookmarks toolbar will appears in between of URL and tabs bar.

If you not change the path in Preferences > General > Save my downloads here:, it should downloaded to your download folder.

Hope that can answer your question,


Just to further clarify regarding the user agent:

  • At this time, it is a better form of fingerprinting protection for our users to have us use the Chrome UA, as opposed to our own. We’re essentially shielding our presence behind the Chrome UA (with the massive Chrome footprint)

  • This is only temporary. Once we reach enough active users, it will make more sense for us to generate our own Brave UA.

Hope this helps!

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