New User - First Post... Is Brave a resource hog? why does it spawn 10 individual processes to run? this seems to also cause significant LAG!

  • usually over a minute to launch home page.
  • check task manager, multiple processes of Brave running (usually 9 or 10)

this doesn’t seem efficient. if it continues to be this slow, i can’t see the appeal of continuing to use this product, sorry.

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Optimize browser startup
What brought you to Brave?
New Tab slow search
Tabs stop working after a while

Very interested in seeing any response about this from the team.


Hi @Lasrael,

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I assumed it for start up time? If yes, it can be vary for each users. But the team aware of it and there’s an issue logged for improving start up time.

Brave use multi-process mean each process for each task. One for main process, another for extensions, tabs, etc.


Correct, from the time I click the Brave Icon until it loads the first (home) page, there is performance lag of a minute, or more.

This becomes a very significant issue if i am in a main program (game, video editing, etc.) and opening the browser to search / look up info. any resource hogging of this nature propagates across the system affecting everything else.


Seriously though, this is 9 (or 10) processes with one home page open, no additional tabs active and just the home page loaded (FYI: it’s DuckDuckGo as I tend to need a search feature right away, in most cases…) & I am a brand new Brave user, I haven’t installed or activated ANY extensions.

Soo, that sounds like one massive big mess on the back end!

Firefox has 5 processes running & no surprise, it is about twice as fast. IMO 5 is still too many.

Regardless, what I suspected was monitoring telemetry & analytics with each process hitting the system resources as it boots up & starts logging my usage data.
Am I over the target in that assumption?
I should also point out that I check to see how long after I close Brave, these processes take to shut off & they seem to run relative to the length of time I spend in the browser, longer time, more data collected, longer report to log.

Anyway if that isn’t the case (Telemetry & Analytics) & these are just basic generic browser functions… you still have an browser client in Alpha state, (not even Beta) 10 separate processes all taking a little of system resources is too much!

Thanx for looking into it as otherwise this is a big “Non Starter” issue for me personally. Right now, for all its faults Firefox has better performance function.
So all the best to getting on top of this performance issue as I would love a better alternative!


I have 2 devices. One Custom built with 32GIGs of RAM & i7-8709G; Brave Runs smooth on that. However, it shows some lag on my another device with only 8GIGS of RAM. I find Firefox Quantum more efficient & effective on device with 8GIGs of RAM. Yes brave is heavy on systems with Low Random access memory [personal opinion/experience]

This is my brave alternative on 8Gb device [And potentially on devices with less than 8GB RAM] :

Firefox quantum + Addons: uBlock Origin + HTTPS everywhere + Privacy Badger + NoScript

This combo does a great job as well.

Best Regards! :slight_smile:


Oh it absolutely is the memory available on my system. This machine was brand new back in June 2010, so approaching 8 years. I am absolutely determined to make it a decade before I replace.

Last year I lost 2 memory channels & due to age of machine, no more reasonable memory upgrades available. So I am actually working off 4g of good memory. If I am running a main program and need a browser in the background, yeah that initial system hit is painful.

Unlike storage, which has just gotten larger and cheaper over the years, system memory is still a $$$ price-tag $$$ item and the higher memory capacity you go, the upgrade price jumps significantly from 8 - 16, 16 - 32, 32 - 64 & 64 - 128. I am hoping something cracks price-wise with memory as I hold out on a new system. Who knows what 2 years will do?

Regardless, I am holding out that long, as electronic landfills already have enough big donors… My LCD monitor is still in top condition & it was from my previous machine… that old machine gets pulled from storage if this one needs to go to the shop. & while it ran everything just fine back in 2005 - 2010, that doesn’t remain the case.

Yeah, system requirement demands have increased. I accept that reality… but so has utterly sloppy coding, or things that simply borrow your resources for distribution, or aggressive data caching, etc… there is no actual “Cloud” & who isn’t running analytics & telemetry gathering data on usage… or even selling that info. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When memory becomes as cheap, or cheaper than storage… perhaps it will bother me less :wink:
Until that point, it will be a factor for me, & i suspect many others.

All above said, it would still be nice to find a lean, clean & functionally mean browser. I’ll steer in that direction as best I can! Can be difficult when everyone is just a little bit more of “the same.”


I suppose Opera does a good job as well on 4Gigs! Firefox too won’t be much harsh either. I’d suggest Opera because it already has an inbuilt trackers & adblocking module. Just surf the settings & You’re all set to go!

Usually chromium based browsers are a real deal on memory & that’s a fact. The only exception is Opera browser which is a chromium built browser but it is optimised for draining less resources than a typical chromium based browser.

Also, clearing browsing data on regular bases is a GREAT IDEA
On Firefox I’ve set “Use incognito mode” as default so I don’t need to clear any inBrowser data frequently. However, I do oftentimes use Opera on my 8Gig setup & every time I finish browsing, I make sure to wipe all the data including cache, cookies, browsing history & rest from the beginning of the time! Trust me, this boosts the performance of the browser on next boot-up.

Feel free to ping back on Brave community!!

Best Regards ! :smile:


I’m sure it’s expected. cc @kamil for confirmation. Also, Brave enabled PDF Viewer and Torrent Viewer by default mean there’s 2 enabled extensions.

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