New user - can't turn on payments switch?


Sorry for the semi-dumb post, but I need a hand here!

I just installed Brave and imported my settings from Chrome. On the Brave Payments set up page, where it says to “simply flip the switch,” well… my switch won’t flip! Other switches on other parts of other pages will flip, but not this one. Doesn’t look any different though.



Not dumb at all @BlockFactory :slight_smile: Could have been a server hiccup or something. Could you send your OS and I’ll provide instructions on how to get this straightened out?

Also - just confirm for me that this is the first time you’re setting up payments and don’t have a previous BTC balance. Thanks!



Hi, I reloaded the app a couple of times and then it worked fine. Just like hitting the tv on the side to get the picture straight lol.

And yes, this is the first time I am setting up payments. Do I need Bittrex or something like that? I use Coinbase but they don’t support BAT…


Hi @BlockFactory

You can fund your wallet with BTC, ETH, and LTC as well and then it will be converted to BAT. Here is a blog post one of my teammates put together. It uses Uphold (we partner with them for the Brave wallets) but you do not have to use Uphold to fund your Brave wallet:

Take a look at the blog and let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile:


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