New Update issue with News Sources

I clicked on the update last night and was prompted to select my country in the cards section upon refreshing the browser. This was followed by the tips automatically opening, which showed the correct rewards payout coming. Upon scrolling for news I got a source that was not one I had selected and after looking it was not selected to be in the feed.

I went ahead and toggled it on and back off. I also went through the topics and selected my interests. Then verified that all my previous sources I selected and added to the feed were there. They were. Restarted the computer instead of just the browser and the news source was still showing.

This morning my feed is limited to sources that start with a number through the letter B. I only have 20 articles showing up with my newest news item being 6 days old, most are 90 days or more out. I guess I will be taking a news break

I looked the sources again and the column to the left was not complete with all my choices and the main section of sources to choose from was blank. I turned the news feed off and on and all is well again.

All my news is showing up again. Hope that helps if anyone is having the same issue.

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