New update crashes Brave

I run MacOS Catalina. The latest Brave update crashes. Same with Chrome. Both browsers don’t open after the update. Installed older version from other computer.

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Same here on Ubuntu 22.04 with the Brave snap.
Build v1.58.129 makes it impossible to use, all my tabs were crashing and youtube was only showing a blank page.
I’ve reinstalled the snap and got a “warning: |
snap “brave” has bad plugs or slots: content (content plug must contain target
path)” when installing it. I assume this might have something to do with the performance issues?

Update: Fixed as of 1.58.131.

I have the same thing with Ubuntu 22.04 with the Brave snap, with the same plugs or slots message. It’s not just websites but also other UI elements, that presumably use the web rendering engine, such as the Brave browser dropdown or the About page. I’m on an AMD Ryzen 4750U, Ubuntu 22.04 on a Thinkpad T14, Brave 1.58.129, Rev 281.

Maybe this is a different problem than the macOS problem – sorry if I’m helping derail the thread.

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RE: Chrome and Brave crashing on macOS Catalina.

Can confirm that normal browsing has been fixed with newer versions but opening up an Incognito window still slows everything down.

Have you got this as well?

When I have a normal Brave session open with ± 6 tabs and open up an Incognito window and login to gmail for example, it feels like there’s a memory leak that’s slowly making my touchpad less responsive and scrolling on the page becomes more and more janky over time.

I’m on AMD Ryzen 4800u, Ubuntu 22.04 on a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7.

Would love to know if it’s the same for you @srhu

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