New Update broke my Brave Browser! (ft.1.14.84)

I have been surfing the community searching for answers…first off, i installed brave around a month ago and iv’e been loving it. I was getting brave ads and notifications and it told pending payout balance as 5.40 BAT. Everything was fine until i got the recent update 1.14.84 for win 10. The brave ads totally stopped working. I’ve enabled brave ads and turned on windows notification. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting like restarting PC, creating a new user and checking back, and what not. I get notification for other websites through brave so that’s not the issue. I recently got only one ad after a week & now the BAT is 5.70 and it again stopped.First it said payout date is Oct 6 now it tells Nov 6. Like why? My balance is not yet payed to me and i’m not able to get ads as well. I’m scared to reinstall the browser as i might lose my unpaid 5.70 BAT. Any help would be widely appreciated. If you want me to attach a pic or send any logs i will surely. Fix this bug please. I’ve connected my uphold account also but no use …i checked there also and its empty. Devs please hop inn and solve my issue :’(
Here is my rewards page

Hello @Manti2k

that expected and it’s fine each 6 of the month the next payment day will change to the next month and the number of ads you got will reset to 0 also
despit you got paid or not cause the payment take time around 5 - 7 days as there many usesrs

check this post to know when the payment is finished

and if the status changed to complete and you did not get paid then mention steeven and he will help you

for now just wait
hope that help and have a nice day

Thank you so much for reaching out!..i understand that there’s a cycle for payment process and I totally get that… I will wait till Nov 6th for the update if I still didn’t get paid, I’ll repost the issue… But my problem is…I’m not getting any ads now… Why? I’ve enabled it… Ive turned on notifications… It was coming before but since 1 week I didn’t get a single ad. Can someone help me with this?
I won’t get ads until I get paid? How does that make sense? Is this a bug??? Should I reinstall the browser? I don’t want to lose my unpaid balance tho… Before I used to make BAT daily by surfing… But now… It’s stopped for a week or 2… Why? I don’t get a single ad per day too… If I want to reinstall browser how do I backup my unpaid BAT? Thanks you… Hopefully I get a solution…

the payment will get completed before that i think it will complete at the end of this week or the beginning of the next one

no for first second forth questions

for third one could be or you can check this post

hope that help and you welcome and have a nice day

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Oh okay… I shall wait it out then… I’m really loving brave and the amazing community… I’ll just wait for one or two more weeks… Hopefully my issues gets solved in its own and ads start coming up… Thanks for taking your time
Have a great day!!

you welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

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I got paid…It solved on itself. Thank u so much.

congratulations @Manti2k and you very welcome :slight_smile:

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