New update 0.63 cause my laptop hang frequently when watching twitch stream

My specs:
Intel core i3-6006u
Nvidia Geforce 940MX 2GB

After new update when i watch twitch streams, especially when switching from fullscreen to windowed back and forth sometimes it suddenly hang. but the sound of the stream still continue and i’m still able to move my mouse pointer but pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and CTRL+SHIFT+ESC not working at all. i don’t have another program running in background just the browser. i’m rarely updating my Nvidia driver but still i believe it’s still up to date because the driver version is 417.22

i love using brave browser because twitch is freaking annoying with ads every single damn minutes when i watch streams, but please if every update of brave version at least cause one single fatal/broken problem for me, i will be disappointed for brave browser as “the best browser with blocking ads and tracker” than google chrome

and also i have question about brave in nvidia control panel, does brave actually need Nvidia as GPU acceleration or it’s just fine with integrated graphics?Desktop%2007-05-2019%2014-47-57-517

Brave please fix.
Thank you

Try disabling gpu acceleration to see if it helps the issue.

Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Hello sorry for no reply, it’s been a week. And yes it’s better without hardware acceleration but i don’t want to say this is solved because when i’m watching twitch stream, sometimes it doesn’t load or just black screen until i refresh it manually even with my internet connection just fine. Maybe this 0.63 version is buggy for watching twitch stream?

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