New to Brave. Questions

I am new to Brave. I am on Mac OS. Is it possible to

  1. Change the default font?

  2. customize keyboard shortcuts (and is there a list of keyboard shortcuts somewhere?

  3. Can the toolbar be customized with additional functions (e.g., a share sheet)/

This depends on whether you have the current live (stable) release of Brave (v0.23.107) or the Developer Build recently released. I will answer for both builds:

  1. Brave (live release) - No
    Brave Dev - Yes! Go to Settings --> Appearance --> Customize Fonts

  2. Brave live release - No
    Brave Dev - No, however you can install your preferred extension (eg Shortkeys) to handle this task.
    Chrome & Firefox - No <— I’m bringing these into the mix just to point out that this isn’t a Brave specific issue. Also, you can find the list of available shortcut keys here. The list is Windows specific, but I believe it all translates over into MacOS.

  3. I’m not entirely familiar with Share Sheet but I imagine it operates by way of extension. If so, you’ll have to use the developer build to use this feature.

Thanks for your response!

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