New to Brave and I am impressed


I just found out about Brave and installed it. Having been a long time user of Opera and Vivaldi I must say I am impressed.

  1. A very clean look with tabs, fonts. etc.
  2. Pre-loaded security configuration with tracking on the dashboard to give real time stats for the geeks.

I have two questions.

A. My load time seems to be longer than what should be normal, almost fifteen seconds. My system is an Intel i7 processor with 16GB of RAM. Is this type of load time normal due to the security settings and such?

B. This one is more of a request. The background pictures used on the dashboard are incredible, would there be a way to save these? I searched my hard drive and if they were loaded during installation I cannot find them.


Hi @Blizzard69

I apologize for the delay in reply to this message.

For A, we have an issue logged to improve startup time, it can be tracked here:

For B, these images are not installed with Brave, they come from the internet. You can click on the Artist’s name and you will be directed to their site.


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