New Tabs close automatically after new update


Help! After latest update, tabs close automatically if I only hover on new page without clicking somewhere on the page to keep it from bouncing back to previous tab. Why? Very frustrating and time consuming to have to reload page.


Just to be sure, you’re not talking about tab hover?

Also, please list your OS, Brave Version, and some more detail on how to reproduce the issue.



Wow, i was just about to post exactly the same reply and right before i pressed reply, your reply showed up :joy:


Nope, not talking about tab hover. I’m talking about a brand new tab and if I don’t click somewhere on that new page, it closes out tab and bounces back to previous tab. My operating system is OS sierra and Brave version is 13.2.Rita B. Long


This is what happens. I open Brave, go to saved bookmarks, read an article and let’s say article has a link that I want to check out, I click on link which opens new tab. I start reading new tab and after a few seconds, tab closes and goes back to the tab I just left. If I click on that new tab, the page stays where it’s at.
Hope that helps.

Rita B. Long

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