New tab to open completely blank page?

I am new to this browser, and am trying to configure it to be the least annoying as possible.

I already did turn off all widgets and visual stimulus that appears when I simply open a new tab, but it is still stuck with ugly purple and pink gradient background.

This is a good reason for me to abandon this browser because it is tailored to people who enjoy flash and bling while I need simplicity and security.

How do I make new tabs open to a pure white and blank page? Or how can I make new tabs open a blank HTML document of my choosing?


To my knowledge, Brave’s equivalent of chrome’s new tab chrome://newtab leads to the pinned sites and ads/trackers blocked total.

However a quick search lead me to this:
Blank New Tab Page

Hope this helps!

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Awesome, thanks that plugin worked a treat :grinning:

I did not know Brave was compatible with Chromium addons. That opens up a lot of potential.

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