New tab search bar slowness issue



I’ve seen a couple of posts describing something similar but either they didn’t have any replies or the answers focussed on a different issue, so I’m going to try to describe this issue in the clearest way possible, and with videos to demonstrate, as this is genuinely the only thing stopping me from switching to Brave as my main browser.

I press CMD-T to open a new tab, and then start typing immediately to where I want to go, since the search bar is selected. On Chrome and other browsers, you can do this quite quickly and it stays responsive, as shown in the following vid:

However, in Brave, when I try to do the same thing, the browser lags for about 4-5 seconds before my input is registered, and I often get the macOS beach ball in those 4-5 seconds as well.

This massively slows down my browsing, as it happens on every new tab, regardless of how few I have open. I’ve disabled the site suggestions and other things that might be making API calls, but the performance hasn’t improved.

This has been around for a long time but I can’t seem to see anything about it being worked on. Has anyone else seen this?



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