New Tab Redirect


New Tab Redirect appears to not be working. Opens default new tab. Current release Windows 10.

Chrome Extention - Momentum

Mind adding more details to this? Not very clear when you say new tab redirect?


Sure. This extension:
New Tab Redirect

Does not work. Rather than loading the page chosen, in my case DDG, opening a new tab loads the default Brave new tab page.


@gpm, @sriram, tested on my and and can confirm it doesn’t work. Also tried “allowing all cookies” via Brave Defaults Shields as per issue #1380 with no luck.


@gpm, would you mind telling me what you’re using the redirect extension for? Is DDG the page you’d always like to open in a new tab?


Exactly. That’s how it works in Chrome.


Well I don’t have a solution atm for the extension. However, I do have a workaround? If you go to Settings --> Appearance, you’ll see an option to “Show Home Button”. If enabled, you can set the home button to open to a new tab, or to a URL you specific. I know its not exactly what you’re looking for but may serve its purpose until we work out the issues with the extension:


Thanks much. I do have my home button set. This is far from a big deal, and in no way diminishes how much I like the new browser. Just wanted to get it on the radar.


@gpm, we appreciate the heads up! I will add this report to the list of extensions we’re having issues with.


I just wanted to add that I use this kind of feature a lot. I don’t like the default new tabs in any browser and always appriciate being able to change it.

Would it maybe be possible to make this feature obselete, by simply adding a new setting to the settings panel, with a toggle “Use custom new tab url”?

These extensions are not really all that great and have an issue when it comes to speed (the newtab url will not change for a brief moment, making the whole experience rather… annoying.)

It’d be ideal if you could implement this as an extra setting in the Brave browser instead of requiring users to install an extension.

Something along the lines of

string newTabURL = 'chrome://newtab';
if (setting.get('newtab_url'))
    newTabURL = setting.get('newtab_url')

The issue that could arise is something Firefox users (like myself) had to deal with for a while, which is newtab hijacking by malware/adware.
I am unsure of how Chrome stores it’s settings, so it’s possible it’d be naturally resistant to this issue.

Since this post is longer than I wanted it to be, I just wanted to say that I love the Brave browser. At first I considered it a meme, but Chromium has a nice rendering engine, compared to Firefox, so Brave is optimal for someone like me who doesn’t want Google snooping on everything I do. Thank you for your work.

Oh yes, and this is still an issue in the newest build of Brave. (


Just discovered this small issue myself. I have a custom page (local html) with many features I find handy that I like to use as a new tab page. The New Tab Redirect extension is a convenient workaround for this in Chrome but does not function, presently in Brave. The extension can be installed and the options page can be accessed, but none of the settings alter the behavior of the new tab page in any (noticeable) way.

Debian Stable (9.6)
Version 0.56.12 Chromium: 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)


@_ly, thank you for the kind words! We’re thrilled to have your support and appreciate you taking the time to write detailed feedback the way you did. And @JReis, thank you as well for joining and being involved in the conversation and for (perhaps inadvertently) bumping this thread. It caught my attention and I wanted to expand just a bit on the issue. Also cc @rebron2000 and @rossmoody for additional input.

First, I’d like to highlight my own error. While the issue above about Brave breaking some extensions is still certainly relevant, we know know that its actually a problem with overriding Brave’s New Tab page in general, rather than an incompatibility to with the NTR extension. In fact no “new tab” extension works because of this. We have an issue captured here:

Second, I’d like to note that we recognize that all of our users have been extremely patient and understanding with us along the development process, which is obviously greatly appreciated. There’s a lot of Brave specific features and design changes in the works right now. If you just take a small snapshot of what the teams are working on now, we’ve got:

  • Brave Sync under heavy development/testing - we’re trying to get it pushed by end of year iirc
  • Several fixes for Brave Rewards as well as a more fleshed out system and interface
  • Brave Ads platform implementation
  • Brave design changes on Desktop and Mobile platforms

It’s important to remember that issues like broken extensions and NTP override aren’t being ignored, but may have to take a backseat while we make amazing and unique features like the ones listed above functional and available.

With that said, it seems like this particular problem has been moved up in priority. Hopefully users will be enable extensions like these soon. In the meantime, if any users want this to continue gaining traction, go to the NTP Override issue and add a +1 (thumbs up) to the original post in the thread. Its an easy way to show/gauge user interest and catch the teams attention. Additionally, we’ve got an open issue for redesigning our own new tab page with some ideas being tossed around here:

+1’s would be good there too and if you see someone reporting/requesting a custom new tab page (or using an extension to do it instead), direct them to this thread.
That’s all I got for now, thank you again for everyone reporting.


This is fixed in and should be available in 0.58.x build.

This should also be available in the new Dev/Beta builds

Will be closing this thread for now since issue is already fixed. Any other reports on this can be linked with the above PR fix.