New Tab Redirect


New Tab Redirect appears to not be working. Opens default new tab. Current release Windows 10.


Mind adding more details to this? Not very clear when you say new tab redirect?


Sure. This extension:
New Tab Redirect

Does not work. Rather than loading the page chosen, in my case DDG, opening a new tab loads the default Brave new tab page.


@gpm, @sriram, tested on my and and can confirm it doesn’t work. Also tried “allowing all cookies” via Brave Defaults Shields as per issue #1380 with no luck.


@gpm, would you mind telling me what you’re using the redirect extension for? Is DDG the page you’d always like to open in a new tab?


Exactly. That’s how it works in Chrome.


Well I don’t have a solution atm for the extension. However, I do have a workaround? If you go to Settings --> Appearance, you’ll see an option to “Show Home Button”. If enabled, you can set the home button to open to a new tab, or to a URL you specific. I know its not exactly what you’re looking for but may serve its purpose until we work out the issues with the extension:


Thanks much. I do have my home button set. This is far from a big deal, and in no way diminishes how much I like the new browser. Just wanted to get it on the radar.


@gpm, we appreciate the heads up! I will add this report to the list of extensions we’re having issues with.