New Tab Opening question?


Hello , I would like to ask if there is some way to open a new tab with out be forced to see it. For exemple , im in a tab 1 and i want open a link to another tab , what happens is that brave open a new tab with my link and “bring” me to this new tab . I would like to open as many tab i want continuing to be in the same tab.


Hi @fede

You can cmd+click (on a mac) or ctrl+click (on Windows or Linux) on a link and it will open the link but not direct you to it. Does this solve what you’re looking for?



Unfortunately it doesn’t works. Maybe i didn’t explain clearly , sorry.What I meant is to open a new tab in background. Exemple I’m in a tab 1 i click the link and open it in a new tab 2 so Brave move me on tab 2 automatically but I prefer to continue on tab 1 .



If you go to Preferences > Tabs, is ‘Switch to new tabs immediately’ on (switch is orange)? If so, try toggling this off (switch will be gray). Then try to cmd+click or ctrl+click on a link.


Thank you very much !! :slight_smile:


Can never get a new tab to open when clicking on a link on any Web page. Always stays on the same tab. Firefox promises this, too, but has never delivered after all these years. I have to use Tab Mix Plus. And now, thanks to the geniuses at Mozilla, I have to stick with an older version of Firefox to use that addon. Can nobody get this right?


On MacOS, I am able to click CMD + click links on various websites, and with “Switch to new tabs immediately” enabled in Preferences > Tabs (try retoggling this option), new tabs that open by CMD + clicking are switched to immediately. Is this the behavior you are also after?


Right, but without the CMD/Ctrol+click. Can pretty much right click on any link in any browser, or middle-click (using PC style mouse, of course) and get the same thing. But “click” should just be “click”, right…?