New tab design doesn't (significantly) indicate active tab

The new tab design doesn’t clearly indicate which tab is active/focused. This is a critical feature for me. All versions of Chrome and derivatives have indicated which tab is active with visual contrast/highlights and often other obvious distinctions, like the ‘stacked tabs’ appearance.

For pinned tabs, there is no indication whatsoever.
For unpinned tabs, there’s the tiny close button to the right of the title.

It’s necessary (as in, I’d have to switch browsers if I can’t solve this) to know which tab I’m in:

  • to quickly detach a tab
  • to switch to the tab you want
  • to know which tabs to close
  • etc.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open multiple tabs
  2. pin some of them
  3. place bets on which tab is active
  4. lose

Expected result:
obvious visual indication of active tab (highlighted/bolded text, contrast in tab color, etc)

v1.62.156 dark mode

Guest profile works normally with its dark purple color scheme so maybe this is an issue with dark mode? Didn’t test light mode as it seems to require a restart.

[I recorded a video but can’t upload attachments so :person_shrugging:]


Neither me or any of my friends who use brave liked this change in the tab’s appearance. It doesn’t makes sense, it feels disconnected from the page.


LMDE 6 user here: I had the same issue with all my dark themes in this Proton-like FireFake UI, but if you use the Chromium themes there are no issues on spotting the focused tab.

I relied on going to brave://flags/#brave-horizontal-tabs-update and setting it as ‘Disabled’ to later relaunch the Browser

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solved in v1.63.162

Thank you!

Is there an option or something I can do to disable the highlighted tabs? I have had no issue and the highlight feature is extremely distracting for me because it’s a big change with no warning.

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