New Tab button position (upper left)


There once was a Chromium flag allowing the “New Tab” button position to be changed. I would very much like to move the button to the left of the tabs.

This is the only position where you can hit the button with the mouse (blindly) without having to look and aim for it.


Just asking more out of curiosity. You prefer using mouse compared to keyboard? More specifically, are you aware you can hit Ctrl T (⌘ + t on Mac) to open a new tab?

Yes, thank you. I originally wanted to add my awareness of CTRL-T. And when you have to type in the URL there is no need for a button anyway. But sometimes we navigate solely by mouse and just need the New Tab page to click on.

Having a + button which keeps changing position and needs visual and motion aiming is contra-productive while the upper left corner is used for nothing specific anyway (other than a single pinned tab).

I tried a whole lot of mouse gesture extensions, but none of them offers “local” (as in not sending out data) URL filtering to automatically turn off gestures on pages that collide with them. So that easy and blindly to hit “New Tab” button would indeed be helpful (also in transitioning from Firefox). Meanwhile I found another extension for blindly closing a tab (without using double clicks).

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