New tab bug that makes it lagging and things like that

Ok so i have met a bug on the browser where i open a new tab i get a collored defualt new page/tab backround in 0.5 seconds before it kinda lags very shortly and the it comes to my custom new tab background

Reproduced im sorry i dont know what u mean by that. Like how it could be solwed?

What i expected is that im not gonna have this little lag after opening a new tab

The browser version is v 1.43.93

I can give some additional information.
So this bug happens every 25 time i open a new page/tab.
and the bug makes me see the defualt new tab look for almost not a second. Yeah i only see collors tho since it is so fast but it still makes a issue with a lag asswell before it comes to my defualt new tab look/background

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