New style of ads delivery vs. old style

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I was recently receiving ads with the new method. I don’t have a screenshot but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The dark grey rectangle that shows up in-browser as opposed to the delivery method using Windows notification.

That new method is MASSIVELY better than using the Windows notifications pop ups. But now after the recent updates, it reverted back to the old delivery method, and there is no option to choose between the two in the settings.

I actually contemplated disabling Brave Rewards because of how the Windows notifications pop ups are annoying, but this in-browser approach is far superior.

What happened? Why did you disable it? Are you bringing it back? Will we at least have the option between the two?

Thank you.


Apparently, you weren’t here when several users came into the forums saying how much they hated the in-browser approach. It is from those forum posts that Brave decided to revert back to the Windows notification system.

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You’re right, I just signed up, specifically to post this.

But really?? They hated it?? I don’t understand why.
The notification disappeared after a short while.
You can place it wherever you want. Just drag to a less conspicuous place.
Its colour scheme made it blend-in perfectly with other browser elements.
Most importantly, it avoided the incredibly annoying Windows 10 notifications that shows while you’re in other apps too, with their ugly delivery method.

I want browser ads to be in-browser, and not a system notification. This is how they should have been from the beginning. It made perfect sense to me when they introduced it.

Do they have plans to reimplement it anytime soon?

I do understand the frustration though. I was confused when I first saw it, and frankly, Brave team should have added an update notice outlining the changes so that people would know what’s this all about. At first hand, I thought: are they pushing two different kinds of ads now, this is outrageous! But it soon became clear. So the fault is in the way they introduced this silently without clear indications.

Anyways, another lesson of the story: never trust the outrage of users whenever a small change happens to the product.

I do wish they bring it back though, it’s a far superior ads delivery method especially when compared to the abhorrent Windows notifications.

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I agree that the in-browser ads look MUCH better than the notifications.

Brave team, if you are reading this, please take note!


I like the notifications–easy to click earn bat and close , change is never easy but new way worked nicely as well, but also nice to see how they respond to users comments

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My understanding is that you don’t have to click on the ads to earn rewards.
Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.


I always felt you need too—take a sec so I click em

We encourage users to click on any ads they are interested in. That said, you do not have to click on an ad to be rewarded for it.


thanks–Ill still click on em when interested then only I guess—I have found fun games like upland, and apps like gemini and block fi using the ads


the X button was alot smaller. that’s the only thing i can see why. I think windows notifs are alot easier to clear, and that’s all that matters really. BTW if you find the sound to be annoying-just turn it off

I never had issues with the size of the x button if I’m honest.

The Windows notifications protrude and grab your attention when you’re working on something else. They are large and clumsy and have an annoying animation.

Occasionally they have an effect on other elements. For example, if you have a media player that is paused, like K-Lite classic, clearing the Windows notification causes it to play for some reason.

I don’t care to see Brave ads when I’m working on a Word document and not even engaging with the browser at all.

P.s. I do have the sound turned off for Windows notifications. I just think the in-browser notifications were a lot better.

Also, I can place the notification window for the in-browser ads anywhere I want, something I can’t do with the distracting Windows notifications.

I truly hope Brave reconsiders implementing that again. I think the only issues that caused the outrage was miscommunication. They didn’t inform users in a clear way about the change.

Suggestion: maybe do it like Firefox where you open a new tab after the update highlighting that you’re now on a new version for example and here is what changed or got added…etc.

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