New Smartphone now can't transfer my BATS

I did buy a new Smartphone but bcs I need 25 BAT to valid my account - I still can’t understand why on a mobile phone you need 25 and on a desktop not. I will loose the BATS i have now

So how can I transfer them? Or you have any solution for me?

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You cannot at this time. Do you still have access your old smart phone?

Yes, I still have. But till I get 25 BATS I think this mobile phone will die. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hopefully they will remove it in the mobile/android (25 bat to verify wallet). Its take time to get 25 bat to verify the wallet especially the reward bat in every ads is 0.001… If im not mistaken 1BAT= 1000 ADS?

My wallet is verified but I have to reformat/factory reset my phone sad to say im going to get another 25 bat to get verified again…

I found a way! Bcs I’m a creator I just spend my collected BATS to my Webpage and in there you just need 5 BATS to transfer them to your Upload account. :sunglasses: :clown_face:

hello, this seems to be the final solution, could you help me to create a webpage? I have to format my phone and I do not want to have this problem in the future.

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