New set of features

  1. Ram limiter :- this could be a great feature for creative editors who want their browser to be open to search some assets and not taking much ram.(I have terrible experiences with these)

  2. Colour scheme :- I know we can change the scheme by downloading theme, but its good to have it has a feature.

  3. Under the cards menu in new tab, add a chart of our favorite crypto/currency.

  4. Network limiter :- Some downloads (I don’t experience that anymore) have a tenancy to stop when paused (i mean they don’t have resume capability). For those downloads add a slider like slow mode which doesn’t cut our connection to the download server but still downloads in speed like 2-3 kb/sec. Also its good to have a feature to limit the bandwidth used by the browser. I could be useful in some cases.

  5. Bypass block ad-blocker :- some websites have block ad-block which is so irritating when we have to reload them. Its a important feature according to me because of the nature of this privacy respecting browser.

  6. Include sync of rewards with the sync v2.

I got these ideas when I was trying out Opera GX because they claimed that it was made for gamers. Reply your favorite feature or reply your requests.


Hi @parasudilip,
Thanks for making this detailed feature request, we appreciate the feedback!

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Is it possible for you to say about the features you might implement from the above suggestion.
Also another edit. Try to bypass adblocker detection in some websites. I will be adding this in the main post too.

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Another update. Include sync of rewards with the sync v2