New sesion tabs not opening


I like brave because I can have multiple new sessions open at same time. lately they will work once then it will just stay on the last new session tab I had open. I need to be able to keep all the tabs up and be able to click to next one as I need. it used to work but hasn’t for last month. gets tiring having to close brave and resign each new session in all the time.


Hi @tazi,

I’m sorry for late response. Is this still happen in latest release?


I tried it again after this latest update and I had 2 tabs open from start that I always use. I opened up my others and ws able to move back and forth through the new tabs with no issue, I could not after moving off of the 1st 2 go back to them at all. so alittle progress was made. I guess I can’t start from where I left off, so will have to open the tabs everytime I want to use it. and then just ignore the original tab all together.


sorry have been busy taking care of mom in her last few months of life. I used brave today and only had 2 tabs open. and could not go back to 1st tab after clicking on second one. very frustrating to have to close out brave constantly to use a new tab.

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