New search engine "gas"

Ive come to an idea. What if ad free browsing is based on :bat: deposit. Lets say, 100 flying creatures deposited grant an ad free browsing, devs could use them to stake or borrow etc, not sure how those eth gas works exactly, :bat if I was able to get my deposit back and enjoy ads, would be sweet. Like feel control over my choices. My 2c.

Gas is basically a barter system of the current network conditions and how much you are willing to pay to get your transaction computed in a reasonable time to you. It’s paid to miners that do the work as part of the block reward. For example, if you pay too little gas, the gas will be eaten, but the transaction will have died. If you pay too much, you don’t get any back, it’s all taken since you basically paid for speed.

It’s expensive to work on the Ethereum chain; BAT are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. What you are taking about are contracts, but they still require a hefty gas fee to be entered into the blockchain. So, yes that could be a contract, that servers look at whether or not to serve you ads, and while your funds are being held they could be loaned out, earning interest. That hopeful interest would be what the sites earn in exchange for not serving you ads, and you could leave the system when you wished.

Simply put, having Auto-Contribute turned on, lets Brave pay the sites you are visiting, but blocking their ads–so much simpler. What would be interesting, is if Brave told those sites you did have it on, so they wouldn’t put those harassing blocking codes for using an ad-blocker. Still then, skillful people could cheat and say they had it on when they didn’t.

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Your reply is refreshing like a breeze. Thank you a lot. Liked to last word.

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