New Referral Program information

Anybody Know something real about the new referral program?

There is no new referral program, nor plans to have a new one at this time. Can you tell me where you heard this information?\

Brendan Eich Told me something about it, but it is not so clear. This reason is why I asked about it.

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This article says “Now we are planning a new referral program adapted to our scale and to our community. We hope to share details in early 2021. In the interim, and to facilitate the transition, a select number of referrers will assist Brave.”

So that is not true!? @Mattches


If there are not plans for this. All of you lied to us.


Lol, then tell that to whoever wrote the entire article announcing the end of the last one.

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Any one help me…my account suspended without issue

That’s a good one! :+1: :lol:

Nobody lied, this was a misunderstanding on my part personally and I apologize. I didn’t realize we included that information in the blog post we released.

Sorry if I mislead anyone. That said, we do not have any more information regarding a “new referral program” at this time.


Ok. Thanks. I’ll wait for the complete information.