New referal system and weird things on it


I’m referring more and more people everyday and since the new system, things are getting really weird.
I read that the ref rewards was different. In my case it was supposed to be 6.50 since I live in France and obviously my ref are all french.


I’m pretty sure that there are some troubles around that referal system, it’s utterly broken.
Most of people I ref are using an android version of Brave or IOS version maybe that’s why, but still, I can’t understand why most of my refs worth less than 6.50$.

If you have some explanation.

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Me too having the same problem.In October it is showing 6 and in November it is showing 1 in all groups.But I haven’t got any bat form October month.
Can someone please explain the reason???

Any news about that trouble ?

hello the problem is solved?

Not really :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage:

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