New private windows hangs for a second

I often press Cmd + Shift + N to open new private window and immediately start typing my search request and it is always clearly visible how it hangs for a second and then my search text continues to appear in address bar. It seems it hangs due to private window information loading (DuckDuckGo, Tor). It would be great if you fix this - maybe just give an option to not load this information and just load something like in a normal window. This information is useful only when it appears for the first time anyway. I am using latest MacOS Catalina beta on a MacBook Pro 15 (2017) and I don’t think this behaviour has something to do with beta version of OS. And hardware is pretty descent so it has to work faster since Google Chrome or even Microsoft Edge DEV do not have this problem. At the moment thats the only issue that worries me. Your browser is fantastic. Keep going :wink:

I developed a lifehack - I open an empty private window and hide it and then when I open new private windows they load immediately because there is already a loaded instance of this information in this hidden window. Not very convenient but it is possible to live with it.

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