"New Private Window" option does not appear in Windows jump list for new installations

On a machine that has had Brave installed for a while, the “new window” and “new private window” options are available in the jump list (the menu that appears when right-clicking the icon in the taskbar), as seen here:


This was not the case initially, but at some point — maybe after an update? — these options appeared.

On a fresh installation of Brave these options do not appear:


What has to be done to get these “tasks” in the jump list? Brave clearly supports this feature, it’s just a matter of getting it working.


  • Both of the above screenshots are Brave 0.66.101 running on Windows 10. The first was installed months ago. The second is freshly installed.
  • I had a similar experience with Chromium when I had that on my machine. The private window task didn’t appear in the jump menu at first, and then at some point it appeared.
  • This might be a matter of prompting Windows to scan for available tasks or something? Maybe it’s not something that can be done from Brave.

Thanks very much. I love Brave. :grin:

Update: Brave has since updated to version 0.67.123 and still the jump list is missing on one machine (newer installation) and present on the other machine (older installation). So we can rule out Brave updates as what prompts Windows to add these items to the jump list.

Maybe someone who knows more about how the Windows taskbar works can weigh in?

The main reason for wanting this feature is so that after I connect to a VPN I can launch a private window immediately. At the moment I have to launch a normal window first, which is far from optimal.

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