New Private Tab when Right-Clicking Not Working

When I right click a link or bookmark and hit “Open in Private Window”, it does not create a new private window, but instead opens the link in my already existing private window.

Before the current Brave update, when I hit “Open in Private Window”, it would actually create a new private window. Is it possible to have it create a new private window when I hit this option, or is this a permanent feature due to Chromium (I tested it on Edge, and it does the same thing)?

It always reproduces.

Windows 11 - Version 142.86 - Chromium 104.0.5112.81

Thanks for any help

I’m not entirely sure what the exact behavior was before more recent updates, but I do imagine this is by design. I will reach out to the team to confirm.

For clarity — if you open a Private window, any links from your standard browsing window that you right-click and select Open in Private Window will in fact launch in that same window (as you describe).

However if you right-click on links from within the private window, and select Open in New Window, the link will open a new private window.

Additionally, you can easily create a new private window with the desired link you opened by simply tearing the tab off the window. All of this is shown in the short clip below:


Thanks for the help.

I should have been more specific as what you described in your second paragraph. It is not a major inconvenience, but just a weird change I noticed since I like opening new private windows from the standard browsing window (mainly bookmarks).

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