New "Private + session tab" feature with combined functionality


At present when I create multiple private tabs it looks like all the private tabs seems to open in same session. And when I using new session tab then I see that the session is specific to that tab and it is not shared. I would like to have a feature to have new private+session tab so that all my private sessions are individual.

example Use case: trying to open muliple gmail accounts in private tab. This is not possible at the moment. I need to create a new session tab to have multiple gmail accounts open. but then it does not have the features of private tab.


That’s a really interesting request!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, when you think of the feature of the Private tab, what do you expect it to do?


i was thinking the same thing when you open an incognito mode in chrome or firefoxs version of it every tab in that session is incognito its a very nice feature