New phone no rewards

Description of the issue:
No rewards after seeing/clicking ads.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Got new phone.
  2. Installed brave.
  3. Seen ads/clicked on them.

Expected result:
See rewards.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Xiaomi mi 11

Additional Information:
Also don’t know how to move rewards from old phone to be phone.

You can’t transfer the Rewards between devices.

I advice you to make an Uphold Account and link it to both of these devices. And they will get synced.

I’ve heard there’s a need for a minimum of 25 BAT for opening an uphold wallet.
I have 33 on my desktop. After syncing, will it collect both my phone’s BAT and place them in one wallet?

Yes, there is no need of having 25 BATs anymore.

Do try to do that, it shall work.

Will that also fix my problem of not getting rewards on my new phone?

Hmm, I don’t know if that will fix that issue though.

It only syncs your Wallet but don’t know if it will fix that issue.
DO give it a try though.

Thanks. Will make an uphold.

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Photo ID for creating a wallet?
Is there a wallet that don’t ask for my personal things?

In some regions you can’t create an uphold account. I ask myself what is then? Can i never have a new phone or a new laptop?

Yes you need Identity proof for creating an account. Its known as KYC (Know Your Customer) its usually present in all Payment Apps.

That is to make sure that you are 18+…

I didn’t exactly get what you mean but If you’re talking about “uphold doesn’t provide services in your country”. Brave is introducing new wallet called gemini soon.

Although Gemini is coming, it seems Gemini too requires a photo identity.

Even If there is a wallet that doesn’t need your personal things but the problem is you can only sync with uphold and the new wallet gemini only.

I can still use the wallet for syncing my bat if I don’t identify myself?
(ID is only for trading in an exchange?)

No, you need to verify your wallet if you want to connect it to Brave.

A non-verified wallet won’t get collected.

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