New Notice about serious bug in Chrome


Yesterday there was a warning article in the Telegraph regarding a serious flaw in Chrome. (link: Does this mean that the but is in Brave as well? and if so why has no one pointed it out? Thanks in advance for any info. Best OLF


I think they responded to someone in r/batproject subreddit, make sure you’re updated to the latest Brave and you’re gtg.


@OLF, in addition to @willchristiansen, please see Chrome Hack - will it impact Brave Chromium?.

And please search for existing thread first to avoid duplicate posts.
Thanks for using Brave.


Thank you for your email and response. I did search but under different words thus the creation of a new topic. As a recent switcher to Brave from Safari/Cliqz (MacOS)This issue causes some concern due to the fact that Brave is built on Chrome and Chrome is a Google product and we all know how attentive Google is to the issue of privacy. This maybe should be considered by Brave users.

Thanks again for your reply and will make attempts to be more attentive to previous posts when posting queries.:pray:


@OLF, Chromium is not Chrome. Chromium is open source. Also, Brave removed all codes that can phones home to Google.

See Brave, Chromium, Google, and your data and deviations from Chromium

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